How is the transaction handled?

There won’t be any direct transactions via our search tools. We create a connexion between the buyer and the seller, but the final transaction will be handled directly between those two parties. We don’t collect any comissions on those sales and your yearly subscription of 5,000€ is the entry key to our platform.

It will be different on our outlet-shop – here the transaction will take place via the platform. How does it work? The seller can choose to be hidden or not (in that case Marketparts appears as the seller) and it is our job to find a buyer for the parts. The buyer will send the total amount of the outlet batch to a blocked bank account and the bank will then send a percentage to marketparts and the rest to the seller. This percentage is our comission, which is around 10% percent according to the products and services that are included in the outlet offer. Marketparts never receives the total amount of the purchase value and acts as a middleman.