Frequently asked questions

  • I didn't receive an sms verification code


  • Do I need to log out?


  • How to search a reference on Marketparts?


  • How to search thousands of reference on Marketparts?


  • How many products can I add to my catalog?


  • How to write brand names and what about SKUs? Do I need to respect gaps and signs or can I upload numbers without gaps and signs and still find them?

    It is always better to write SKUs as correct as you can, but we have an algorithm and people working on these mistakes, so we can check each new entry and each new mistake. As for the brand names, you can download the list of accepted brands to check the right writing for each brand.

  • What happens when I cannot find the reference that interests me?


  • Do your product prices include shipping & taxes?


  • Why can't I see my offers?


  • Many sellers don't have any available stock, what does it mean?


  • How to import & how to update my catalog?


  • Can I add a MOQ? How? In the template file?

    Yes, you can add it in your profile.

  • Which information do I need to provide to upload my catalog?


  • How do you review errors that could occur when uploading product offers? Who is in charge?

    We, the administration of Marketparts / Business Developpers will review and identify mistakes.

    As for errors, we will see what could have caused these erros (wrong numbers, spaces…) and correct them with the help of the company that made the upload. Our system will learn from these mistakes, so that they won’t occur twice.

    As for the quarantine, we could have cases where our system does not support a brand at all or doesn’t recognize at all a specific parts number. We can then decide if these products could be added to the platform or not. We won’t for example accept provate label offers, but maybe we can add a brand that is important on a specific market.

  • We want to upload an additional file of products. We send it to you or we upload it directly?

    You can upload it directly via the “feed” tab in the selling section on our platform – you can do this manually or via FTP, you just need to use our upload template file so that our system can recognize your offers.

    You should always update your whole product offer, meaning that even if you just want to add new products, you should always add them to the existing file. If you just create a new file with new SKUs, it will erase the existing offer. Please let me know if you need some additional help.

  • I have found a potential buyer via Marketparts but I don't know him - How can I trust him?

    Our team will accept our subscribers one by one. If you need additional information on them, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also planning to add a scoring system and a payment guarantee (payment will be done directly between the buyer and the seller).

  • Can I cancel my order?


  • If you sell an outlet batch that has been entrusted to you - Do you create an invoice for the commission?


  • I want to sell an outlet batch - Do people get to know who is behind the batch?


  • We sent to you a file with products from brand XX but you didn’t upload it - Why? Don’t you include this brand in the available ones?

    Initially, brand XX was not part of our accepted brands list, that’s why the upload didn’t work. We are adding it to our system and I will inform you once it is ready – you can then re-upload your offers.

    Please, respect the template file from our system. I would be happy to guide you through the process if needed.

  • Which catalogue / database do you use to match the part numbers uploaded in the offers? Is it Tecdoc?

    We will use all kind of catalogues, including catalogues that we receive directly from distributors. When a seller integrates an offer this is very useful to have the cross references of those products from other brands.

  • What is a FTP?

    An FTP server allows you to share your offers with Marketparts. You can download our Import template file, fill in you catalogue and charge it on our FTP server. Whenever you want, you can update that file on our FTP server – on our side we will interrogate the server once an hour and adapt your prices and availability if thay have changed.

  • Can I buy part of a batch?


  • Do you only accept TecDoc brands?

    We accept all brands.

  • Can I only add and look for prices in Euro?

    You can sell in your currency. We will make the exchange rate conversion automatically on the platform. The buyer will see the price comparison in Euro. What currency would you like to see? If we don’t support it yet, we can add it to our system.

  • Why aren't there any transactions via the sourcing tool?

    Marketparts is a sourcing tool that connects buyers and sellers on a B2B level so with recurrent orders. If we charge you a transaction fee, as a user you will be trying to contact the seller directly to avoid paying a commission on your business for the next orders. We want to stimulate this linking we are not afraid of it. We only collect subscription fees and not transactions fee.

  • A buyer sends a message to a seller - The seller receives it through his email? Or via Marketparts?

    You can check your messages directly via the envelope sign on Marketparts. If you have unread messages this sign will turn orange. Of course, we will also send a message to your indicated contact email.

  • How do you create / find cross-references to switch from one manufacturer brand to another in our search results?

    We use different databases (as TecDoc for example) but also catalogues that we receive directly from manufacturers and distributors from all around the world.

  • Can different users of a same account work on the platform simultaneously?

    Yes, of course.

  • How is the transaction handled?

    There won’t be any direct transactions via our search tools. We create a connexion between the buyer and the seller, but the final transaction will be handled directly between those two parties. We don’t collect any comissions on those sales and your yearly subscription of 5,000€ is the entry key to our platform.

    It will be different on our outlet-shop – here the transaction will take place via the platform. How does it work? The seller can choose to be hidden or not (in that case Marketparts appears as the seller) and it is our job to find a buyer for the parts. The buyer will send the total amount of the outlet batch to a blocked bank account and the bank will then send a percentage to marketparts and the rest to the seller. This percentage is our comission, which is around 10% percent according to the products and services that are included in the outlet offer. Marketparts never receives the total amount of the purchase value and acts as a middleman.

  • If a user is really not serious, do you have a possibility to exclude him?

    Yes, of course, we only want quality buyers and sellers on our platform.

  • Will all the users of the same company receive all the messages?

    Yes, everyone can see all requests or answers for your company, even if you have several users.