The Ultimate Digital Tool pour Indian Automotive Manufacturers to boost your export business Worldwide

Business Model

The market intelligence, the digital strength, access to premium brands and the global reach of Marketparts
with automotive manufacturers and distributors will make it a perfect marketplace to augment business.


The export business of
Indian manufacturers
(India OUT)


Promoting access of European and
American brands for Indian distributors
(India IN)

Marketparts offers a brilliant platform for big, small suppliers, manufacturers across the world
to unleash their true potential and participate in global trade opportunities in the auto spare parts industry.
As the world gets borderless and more connected, platforms like Marketparts India would prove to be true catalysts
in "international trade facilitation" with their host of innovative tools & services under one roof!

India Out

Export Opportunity for Indian Manufacturers

India In

Import Opportunity for Indian Distributors / Suppliers

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Its objective: to simplify the global sourcing of wholesale automotive parts by offering distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers a wholesale management platform and specific services tailored to their needs.