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What is Marketparts's commission structure?
Depending the sales channel you use ( Parts, Outlet, Exclusive Deals ), we apply commissions. We also apply commissions for extra services like : – Payment Management – Single Point delivery ( Order prepared or Bulk order ) – Export Formalities In all the cases, commissions are fixed and very competitive. For example, we charge only 8% commissions* on specific operations like “Exclusive deals”. If you use Marketparts to target your own customers, commissions are cheaper of course. Everything is done in a total transparency with you to bring you success on growth.

* Please contact us for full pricing list
How do order fulfillment and shipping work?
Depending on the channel sales you use, you fix the Incoterm conditions.
In most of the cases, you deliver directly customers
We also can organize picking and delivery if needed

You always decide and fix all the conditions like MOV and Incoterm to provide together the best user experience for an order success. We help you to organize competitive offers.
How and when do I get paid?
Marketparts proceed to Risk and Payment Management.
We’ll pay all your orders directly to your bank account in your local currency.
We guarantee payout 30 days after an order is shipped, or you can choose to get next-day payment for a 3% fee
Can I use Marketparts if I already have reps?
Yes! We work seamlessly alongside your team, and you can choose to block regions where you already have representation.
Which countries are currently supported on Marketparts ?

We can operate worldwide.

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