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Who is behind Marketparts?

Meet Arnaud FLECHET

Arnaud Flechet, Marketparts’ Chief Operating Officer, is an expert in the automotive sector with more than 10 years experience and an advanced understanding of the market’s needs and evolutions.

He started his career at Mister Auto as customer advisor before shifting to Marketing one year and a half after. He then worked alongside with Christophe Riberolle, the founder of Marketparts, for the international development of Mister Auto, as well as catalog and pricing management.


He subsequently moved into Product Management and then to Purchasing, where he managed manufacturer branded parts and accessories. 


In 2019, Arnaud joined Christophe Riberolle’s dream team for Marketparts at its very beginning, as an Account Manager. He brought his automotive expertise to also develop among others the Outlet offer, contribute to expand and improve Marketpart’s database and more generally to develop its offer to the aftermarket professionals including Manufacturers.

In July 2021, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer and became in charge of all Marketparts’ business operations coordination, including accounting, sales, purchasing, and administration.


For Arnaud, Marketparts is the very first marketplace that opens sourcing and international trade as a real opportunity for the many aftermarket professionals whose access to wider markets is not that easy. The platform also offers an unprecedented service to manufacturers with a very powerful data offer complementary to the data already available on the market. In his opinion, the new version of Marketparts is nothing less than extraordinary, offering the largest catalog in the world with integrated services. Buyers can find offers for OEM and IAM parts with immediate availability, and they are able to buy car parts directly on the platform adding them to their shopping cart. In terms of services, Marketparts can handle all the complex, logistics and administrative parts of sales.


It is no doubt to him that in the coming months, Marketparts will continue to grow and definitely improve the digitalization of the automotive aftermarket. The platform will expand its parts catalog to cover the entire world and become, in the future, an essential player for sourcing car parts. Not only as a complementary option or for business opportunities.


Arnaud has a cristal-clear vision of the future of the car parts market, which is constantly evolving, particularly with the arrival of new players and electrification of vehicles. Consequently, new products and applications are arriving on the market and supply and demand are evolving.

He is looking forward to see how the availability and service rate of parts will evolve with equipment manufacturers in the coming months. For him, evolution will come from the worldwide automotive park, and digitalization is an essential resource for this sector, that still has a lot to do regarding that matter.


In his daily life, Arnaud is passionate about cars and automobiles in general. He enjoys maintaining his two cars, a Volkswagen Beetle and a Golf VR6. He also loves watching Formula 1 and skiing.


Like Marketparts, Arnaud is environmentally conscious. He is careful about what he buys and favors short food circuits, with thoughtful consumption and limitation of environmental impacts.