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Meet Emmanuelle Cherifi

Emmanuelle – joined the team in 2023


We are delighted to introduce Emmanuelle Cherifi, an accomplished professional with more than 11 years of diverse experience in the field of billing, who has recently joined Marketparts.


Before becoming a member of our team, Emmanuelle played a pivotal role in developing streamlined processes tailor-made for various countries, particularly in the after-sales service of spare parts for a subsidiary. This experience has been instrumental in shaping her professional journey, granting her a profound understanding of the needs of international businesses.

Emmanuelle’s tenure at Marketparts signifies a significant career transition, with her primary focus on establishing transparent and efficient billing processes. She meticulously oversees all billing-related operations, ensuring flawless and precise financial transactions.


Beyond her dedicated work in the professional realm, Emmanuelle finds balance by pursuing her passions. She holds her family dear and takes pleasure in the art of cooking and the world of literature, with Patrick Modiano her favourite author. Additionally, she indulges in TV series, leisurely walks, and maintains a diverse fitness routine, incorporating running and CrossFit to nurture both her physical and mental well-being.


Emmanuelle’s unwavering commitment to professional excellence seamlessly harmonizes with her aspiration to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. She embraces the challenges of the corporate world with the same enthusiasm she reserves for the simple joys of daily life.

Marketparts is excited to have Emmanuelle Cherifi as a part of its team, and we look forward to witnessing her continued contributions and achievements in the world of billing.