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Who is behind Marketparts?


Marc joined Marketparts’ team in 2021.


He started his career more than 20 years ago and has a strong experience in IT, as a developer, project manager, business analyst…


Marc has worked in various companies, from start-ups to large groups, both private and public.


Seeing the job market moving more towards data, he decided to go back to school and do a Master’s degree in Data Science.


Marc is an adventurer, so he naturally moved in Toronto for a few years.


At Marketparts, he oversees all the subjects related to the whole chain of data, from capture to analysis, not to mention the processing of all the distributors’ and manufacturers’ offers for the new version of Marketparts.

In his opinion, the automotive parts market is tending to evolve towards new, greener technologies due to the scarcity of resources and global warming. Data is going to be a major issue for tracking goods, managing stocks, and optimising the supply chain


In everyday life, he loves to meet new faces from different cultures to continually enrich himself.


Marc enjoys climbing, DIY and playing the guitar by the fire.

He is a fan of offbeat humour; his favorite series are “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and “Twin Peaks“.


Like Marketparts, he is also concerned about the environment. That’s why he comes to work by train and scooter. Marc is also against ultra-consumerism: he is not fond of buying new objects without having tried to repair the old ones previously. A real-life example for all of us!